Wednesday , September 28 2022

CS: It's the new Battle Royale Danger Zone Counter-Strike


In many months now, rumored, the valve launched its Battle Royale CS: GO and, recently, these rumors have become true.

About this CS: GO Danger Zone, a Battle Royale to make quick action 16 players in a single way and to 18 if we will play in the couples or trio modes we will find in this exciting new game.

The CS idea is to provide the GO community 10-minute gamesIf you want to call toxic spaces with the Battle Royale items, blue or you prefer to call them and Valve FPS weapons, like those of other modes of play, and keeping them as expected, each time they are equipped with skins.

It will be a map for the development of everything Blacksite where we will fall from the helicopter, collect weapons or first aid, and make Battle Royale a very special action.

For example, we eliminate high-level goals for contracts, earning money, rescuing guerrillas, or finding a special button to work with C4.

In addition, we will also be equipped small tablet For shopping (things like healing objects, vests or weapons, for example), they allow us to raise money as long as we get the information that reaches the enemy against those who cover the toxic zone.

Battle Royale enjoy CS: GO update is now available.

CS: GO goes free

In addition to Battle Royal, Valve announced today that CS: GO becomes free in the game. You can read all the information about this news on the Steam forums.

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