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Cutting and pasting human genetics to save crossroads or cross ethical limits? – 02/12/2018


What is the difference between taking a drug to cure a disease while doing surgery for the repair of damaged tissue, in an experiment that voluntarily participates in, modifies or allows DNA with scarce cells (as promised to avoid all this promise) Changing the genetic information of some embryos? Are gray on the same scale? The scientific community does not say it One thing is first and one is to touch the genes "first"which produce a unity of ovule and sperm. Indeed, although true effects are unknown, we know that changes will be inherited by future generations. And nobody opens the door.

He Jiankui, this week's honest Chinese scientist won contempt for the whole world, because he did not announce that all of the Chinese regulations genetically edited babies, regardless of the main bioethics protocols, no one has. In other words, the abduction of the embryo DNA in this specific case, in order to combat the spread of HIV / AIDS. The result of this experiment, Jianku assures that a twin couple was born and another pregnancy is taking place.

Let's light up. On the one hand, there is a call (always in an experimental phase) Genetic editing of somatic cells: they remove the organism "problematically" cells, insert or alter genetic sequence or deficiency and re-inject it. This change is "dying" with the person, that is, they do not occur in children.

There is one too genetic editing of germ cells (Chinese scientist), at least for men rejected by the scientific community. There is a change in gametes or embryonic DNA and is inherited.

Another: impossible errors CRISPR and Cas9 They are two (not unique) tools, scientists who make cuts in the DNA chain, and somatic cells and germ cells.

Fear? That, like Jiankui, tomorrow is another person's news outsider what they call what they do "Garage Genetic Edition", that is, outside of academic approval. With subsidy help It can be manufactured, ease, people with green eyes, people with a high performance athlete or hungry. Opportunities, like intentions, could be unlimited.

"Or 1.80-meter people, someone decided to be" the perfect height "for humans, says the senior researcher of the Conicet-Leloir Institute, part of the International Association Policy Committee, Fernando Pitossi. Study of stem cell

Does the super-ghost race reappear? Fabiana Arzuaga, Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine, is one of the thinkers of the National Advisory Board: "It is a questionnaire for this scientist. effect off-goal. You If you touch a gene with the embryo, you do not know if you are causing another part of the genome. What if it happened, as well as dealing with diseases, did your intellect increase? The idea of ​​more advantageous groups would create big social inequalities discrimination and segregation".

He Jiankui (AP), scientific scientist.

He Jiankui (AP), scientific scientist.

Claudia Perandones, geneticist and representative of the National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes. ANLIS "Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán" has another position. For him, he thinks he is more rigid in front of this type of progress, everything is "eugenic", that is, Biological inheritance interest in human perfection.

Perandones agrees that "this Chinese scientist is nonsense, so it must be evaluated, punished and controlled." He also said "he did not publish his research in any scientific journal, and it is not clear what his parents admitted … the consequences may be very serious."

The genes embryos were genetically edited in the laboratory in China (AP).

The genes embryos were genetically edited in the laboratory in China (AP).

But it was realistic: "We can not go back: this is the coming tool. You need to know how to use it correctly and correctly. In the future it will be logical Use the treatment if you do not have another treatment. Jianku had other options to prevent HIV. "

It's not a simple matter. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Products Innovation, Agriculture and Health, INTA, Conicet and ANLIS will also participate. "Gene editing" newspapers, where the premise of several experts "All you wanted to know about the genre edition, but you should not ask".

"Cheer up" literally, a source related to the event did not make it easy to decide whether or not to include the issue of the germanium program.

The matter is annoying. According to Perandones, "as with in vitro fertilization, when a new model appears, everyone is afraid, then an ethical, legal and institutionalized framework can improve the quality of life of individuals."

But Pitossi "Directed evolution"They are impossible: we always want to control everything, but in this case it would direct the evolution of the species by the forces that are not controlled at this time. If it is common practice to determine the technologically optimal human nature, we will take more than one disease, from the most evolutionary era. diversity".

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