Wednesday , September 28 2022

Daily Dollar: Central announcements rise again – 05/12/2018


Dolarra rose on the second day Following in the midst of new regulations announced by the Central Bank in the exchange market. Currency Moves 66 cents to $ 38.97, According to the average Bank Central. Tuesday was closed $ 38.31.

Advances are in the wholesale market, where companies and banks also work: rise to 53 cents, $ 37.90.

The Central Bank reported on Wednesday that the interest rate is not higher 60% floor. In addition, he gave new coordinates on the intervention intervention intervention that will be updated according to the first quarter of 2019. The entity has notified the update It will be 2% per day per day, with 3% of today's dominant position.

The exchange bundle, which began on the 1st of October, for $ 34 and 44, is currently Between $ 36.24 and $ 46.95.

The Central also clarified that if the dollar goes down below the bottom line, It can buy $ 50 million newspapers at auction If it climbs up the ceiling, it will sell $ 150 million at auction.

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