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Dalma had to overcome the phobia of Maradona on his way to the son: "I made Kanchera and …"


Monday, November 26, 2018 8:54 PM

Like every new mother, Dalma Maradona (31) All the new sensations of a happy life for a pregnant woman. However, one of the most special stages of his life with his husband Andrés Caldarelli (31), phobias have been forced by the mother of the future to overcome.

He said that it was a huge download on Instagram: "I do not speak a lot about pregnancy, because specialists and Instagram have expert opinions, but I mean I must study today with diabetes gestation, routine, mother, I know what I'm saying.) And I remembered I was always afraid of blood and he gave me vaccines, and did not even talk! @claudiavillafane asked me if I had a girl I had the role to give me a vaccine and I left to run Korrika, or not so younger, I would like to get blood and, of course, always with him, with me I helped, though I was not so younger! "Dalma started talking on the social network, next to a picture that is seen on the camera with glasses.

Then he gave more details of his experience: "Today, the study got blood (several tubes of my liking), take a sweet liquor (very, very, very, very sweet). Wait 2 hours to sit and beat the blood again (less than the pipes before, I only asked, I did I wanted to kill kanchorera and boredom and FEAR. The thing next to me was a baby box, they drew the blood they gave them a spectacular scare and I swore to understand it … I wanted to do it ONLY! "

"But I think it was only for me that I did not give up with the maricone, and I was there, MILA LITERATZU (1 excessive excesses) and I realized that it was not so serious, and we all NEVER BE LIKE SEARCHER: THANK YOU! I will be one and I realize that some things sometimes are not eligible, when I lose it, no more! "he continued.

"We are waiting for you in a pretty PIPITA … WE DO NOT HAVE THE DIVERSITY OF THINGS TO USE LICENSE … Thank you, all the excuses do not have to be afraid to say anything! (I'm in a state of parking, do not start to break, so that's already the language that is dismantling") .Closed, his proud achievement.

Test passed!



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