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Dalma Maradona experiences blood when drawing


Daughter "10"While a girl was pregnant, she asked for a doctor's study on Monday and she shared experiences with social networks.

Dalma Maradona experiences blood when drawing

"I do not speak a lot about pregnancy because they are all Instagram's specialists and opinion writers. I mean, nowadays, I have to study to find out about diabetes (pregnant women), and I remember that I was always afraid of getting blood and giving them vaccines, not to mention it!"She accepted the woman.

Dalma, that's it with a couple Andrés CaldarelliIn the end, when he got married, he also remembered his childhood "I made the paper" at that moment He knew his mother, Claudia Villafañe, She got a break from vaccination.

Dalma Maradona experiences blood when drawing

"I would go into the street or not, the little girl would cry for my blood and always with me (Villafañe) if I continued with me, though he was not so younger! "She has admitted the current daughter of D.T. of Gold of Sinaloa.

"Today, the study got blood (I like a lot of tubes), drink a sweet (very sweet) liquid, sit for two hours and get blood back" (lesser than the smaller tube) She explained the woman about the study and admitted that she was alone "I went to Kanchorá and I wanted to die for will and fear".

Dalma Maradona shot Macri through a president's tweet

He also commented on the moment in which the actor participated: "The reason is a baby, in the box next to me, I'm scared, I draw blood and I understand that I swear … I wanted to do it anyway! But I think that's not the only thing I did to join the maricone, with anyone and I'd MILITUALLY LICENSE (excessive image 1) and I realized that it was not so serious and everyone's work is doing very well! I have thousands now!.

However, Mother of the future, he explained that he has changed his thinking and is concerned about issues and dreadNow, it will be a mother. "I will be a mother and I realize sometimes that some things are not optional, but no more!"sister gianinna.

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