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"Dance 2018": Soledad Fandiño Emerald Mitretatik retired and continues in the competition

(Video ShowMatch – The Thirteen)

It is less than one month Dancing, and to define four semifinalists of the current edition of the five competitions.

For this reason, the newest night of the country's most famous track and getting rid of it is even more emotional.

This time, They had to save two pairs and they were punished by two phones Jimena Barón, Mica Viciconte, Emerald Miter and Soledad Fandiño.

At the time of the jury decision, he saved the first pair by Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza. "Better than Gala, much more connected, was something else", flatter them Laurita Fernández Justify your decision.

finally, The final meal of the selection division was included in the nine competition competitions Mica Viciconte, stay Fandiño and Emerald Miter by phone vote.

and, Maybe he was very surprised, he was an old couple resident winning 65.56% of the winners people.

"Thanks for you, I'm very happy. Thank you Santi, a Carlita, Faith, flatThanks to Polina, a flower, Laurita, Ángel, when I emphasized to you. For me it was an increase as a person, as a woman, as an artist, "said Esmeralda during the greetings.

"I found incredible people, on the floor, in the cameras, all the people under control. I broke many predictions, my mind, my spirit, my soul spread, I learned to dance as much as I did, I was improvised, I was very happy"he added.

"As long as I am trying to sleep, I feel I can not fulfill my dream, I am really excited. Marze really, I won for myself, I was very happy, everything that happened all the time was exciting and I did not describe words Why did you give me everything? "he excited.

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