Monday , June 5 2023

Dangerous robbery in Clerc, a few meters from Quinta de Olivos: he won and linked him and complained


G20 security reinforcement, former tennis José Luis Clerc suffered a stolen robbery in his house, located in Oliver, near the President of Quinta.

This incident happened on Friday night when the "Batata" by three armed criminals approached, They were in your houseWhen he was preparing to join a friend.

Former champion of the 70s and 80s The robbers hated and bound him, They took money, jewelry, family memories and a large amount of money on your mobile phone.

The police try to survive They had a copy of the key, since windows and doors were not torn. In addition, they reviewed the surrounding security cameras to provide more information on case-bye cases.

Clerc was not the first time he was robbed of these characteristics. Eventually, it happened on August 31, 2007 when he lived in Santa Clara, San Fernando, where the offenders avoided security controls, brought them home and brought their appliance and jewelry. This time, the extenist was not at home, as he traveled to the United States as a reflection on a sports channel.

Two months later, the detainees were detained Tiger's subDDI operations in Los Polvorines and Garín villages Clerc offered a prize, recovering some stolen medallions since they had a great sentimental value.

Vicente Lopez, Head of the Public Prosecutor, Martín Gómez, is in his house at Oliver.

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