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Darío Cvitanichek leaves Banfield and Racing is waiting – 01/11/2019

Remedios de Escalada, Lanús, Gerli and Avellaneda (Maxi Kosteki and Darío Santillán); There are ten cylinders in the station with cylinders. Darío Cvitanich separated from Banfield And he got a train that takes him to the racePerhaps the last one that takes place between Ajax, Pachuca, Boca, Nice and Miami FC. The 34-year-old striker Núñez, who fled Marcelo Gallardo, hoped to consolidate a streak against the midfielder Libertadores Cup. Now Baradero was not willing to miss the opportunity to participate in the championship of Eduardo Coudet's team.

Cvitanich spent the last time with Luis Guillon's drill on Friday. He greeted his friends, picked up his stuff, and at five in the afternoon he went to the black imported van. Only a farewell to the window, and no doorway waiting for an autograph. The captains and symbols of Banfield, who had retired to the club's shirt, were tired of the apathetic leadership, who did not know how to determine the debts (economic and emotional).

At 7:30 pm, a wide-ranging letter to the social networks about its release, where the leader raises and encourages his fans: "I believe that what we believe was simple".he wrote When River River was abolished, in October 2016, Banfield CD, Eduardo Spinosa, made a contract extension until 2020, as compensation. Now with the president, Lucia Barbuto, the distance between players and leaders increased.

In Avellaneda, the doors of the President Perón stadium are open until the main goal is reached. Racing adds hierarchy and experience in the last part of the tournament. Coudet wants to use his international touch, because he knows the curtain. As long as the 18-month contract is signed, $ 3.5 million will not be required to pay. nose Santiago García.

On Saturday, Cvitanichek will do a medical review and everything will be fine (and if bureaucratic steps and paperwork allow), the evening will sign an agreement. Cvita Together with Lisandro López, he will be joining a French life partner, for the first time they will share clothing and shirts to persuade the Lakers de Zamora to play Avellaneda. The other was a collaborator of Ariel Broggi-Coudet and a former member of Banvillen Cvitanich, who was puzzled and soon seduced and conquered the phone.

For Coudet, the arrival of Cvitanich is a relief. Beyond Gustavo Bou's departure – he returned to Mexico City in Tijuana – Chacho I had to strengthen this leader, despite being the second team with the greatest goal for Superliga in the minute 26, less than Atlético Tucumán.

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