Saturday , January 23 2021

Darwin's Christmas Beetles Truth

Christmas and New Year's behind us, I – like many others – have stopped


Even though I'm reflecting on others differently, it's amazing

Myths about Christmas Beetles.

Darwin often starts Christmas beetles. However, those

Prickly legged laps, gray, black holes and catapult against us

The walls are not technically the Christmas beetles. Even returning to Christmas.

Christmas beetles are scarabs (Scarabaeidae family) and genera


This genus is made up of more than 30 species, one of which lives in Darwin.

In fact, in the territories, the Christmas beetles were only north-north of the country.

Christmas beetles are quite wide in holes of hard rock.

Most of the add-ons are similar to the rounded (convex) cross section at the top.

Unlike Darwin's scarab, Christmas beetles are bright and, depending on the species, they are yellow, gold or metallic green.

There are many scarabs in Northern Territory, but it is the most common

Darwin's Lepidiota (especially L. squamulata).

half_cameraLepidiota is a beetle from the Scarabaeidae family

These beetles are brown and brown, while covered with flat white scales while they are raining first.

Another local species – Ischiopsopha – is produced a bit earlier, it flies much faster

is active in the middle of the day. This species can also be mixed

Some true as Christmas beetles.

You can identify Ischiopsopha, although it is a bright metallic green, the upper part of the body is flat.

Obviously, obviously, the beetle is still to be recognized.

half_cameraIschiopsopha Cetoniinae is a beetle from a subfamily

Scarabs generates a generation of adults with spring breaks

Summer; However, most of the year larvae is feeding and growing. They are eggs

which is included in the substrate of the skin, that is, often between the soil. Regardless

The species, all larvae, have the same appearance with the same eye: the C-shaped head with the darkest head

and tail When feeding boiled eggs (decay logs, other vegetable materials or bones) larvae

They have developed a pupil of the same substrate or gap.

The baby seems like a grown-up, but white visible to the body. Pupation takes only a few weeks for adults, most of which are usually warmer and calmer nights.

half_cameraLepidium larvae

Recently, there has been a debate on the decline in Christmas

Beetle populations, especially around Sydney. While it is a scientific evidence

limited, reduction is likely to be loss of habitats and localized insecticide

to use.

Christmas beetles have almost exclusively been used in adult eucalyptus leaves,

And if they provide more urbanization and less food, many species unfortunately

it causes it

As for Darwin's wristbands, as the first rains emerge,

It is possible that our scarabs also suffer from rainfall

wet season

If you have noticed or have experienced a change in habits or frequency of insects in your area

You found something you found, I would like to hear about it.

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