Monday , April 19 2021

Decreasing the sixth month: Industrial production of SMEs fell sharply in October


According to the monthly Industrial Survey, they are the main weaknesses in the sector market liquidity, poor quality of payment chain and interest rate increases.

According to CAME, the production of SMEs The 2018 decline in 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. According to the data, it is a survey conducted by 300 companies from 300 different branches in the different branches of the country.

"The trend of production will not suffer and will continue at least halfway next year" (CIIECCA)

According to the study, they were the lowest activity in October "Footwear and Leather Goods", "Rubber and plastic products", "Wooden products and furniture" and "Paper, cardboard, edition and printing".

Those with little growth were "Food Industries" (0.1%) and "Non-Metallic Minerals". The manufacture of chemical products has not changed.

However, use The installed capacity rose again in October to 58.7%, although the sector is still very small.

"The trend of production will not be recovered and will continue until at least the next half of next year," said Pablo Bozzano, executive director of the Information, Electronics and Communications Chamber of the Argentine Center (CIIECCA).

The director also warned that "installed capacity is less than 60%" and stated "Companies are not saying goodbye today, but they are not renewing the expenses they are losing".

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