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Depression and anxiety, the main causes of atopic dermatitis


Mexico (EFE) .- Being atopic dermatitis skin disease That is, dryness, brain and itching causes depression and anxiety in six patients in six patients, which causes quality of life and leads to more suicidal thoughts.

It affects life quality

"The disease is, it is appreciated, It affects 10% of the children's population and 3.8 million Mexican adults. For symptoms, patients have seen the lives of different socioeconomic causes that cause this situation, "said Angélica Beirana Dermatologist.

According to experts, like acne, it is a atopic dermatitis Main causes of dermatological inquiry In Mexico

Both have a great impact on the patient's self, appearing apparently.

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Discrimination and harassment

According to the study carried out by the Mexican Dermatology Foundation of patients with this disease, 60% have depression, 90% anxiety and 85% have an itching effect.

It also causes itching Your hours are damaged sleep on average, less than 2.5 hours in the general population.

Similarly, 27% of patients have physical or mental persecution, especially children, and 11% discriminate against skin care.

Symptoms and recommendations

"One of the hallmarks of this disease is the presentation of the skin injuries and blood vessels"María de Jesús Vázquez explained the allergist.

Even though the treatment is based on mild and moderate cases skin moisturizing and medications, especially steroids and cortisone, 2% of patients do not control the disease.

"At least 60% cases are mild, 15% severe and the rest moderate, but often the lack of self-medication and follow-up of the treatment prevents patients from controlling this condition, "said Linda García Dermatologist, the dermatologist's Mexican Academy.

The specialist said that patients needed pay special attention to controlling this situation Use only soap, in a warm bath, and in a short time, wear cotton clothes, sweat and avoid sudden changes in temperature.

The specialists asked that the public be aware that they are symptoms, because they are the main indicator of this disease and they were also invited to take part in the #BajoMiPielDA campaign. This is aimed at knowing and promoting this illness.

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