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Designing two babies | Chinese scientists shake …


A few weeks ago, Lulu and Nana were born: twins were genetically led by a Chinese research team, He Jiankui (South China Science and Technology University). The goal was clear: the goal was the least protection against Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The news shook the world, who confirmed that the first designers of the Crispr / Cas9 technician would be able to edit the genes for the darkest fantasy genetic determinism, the famous arrows.

However, above the explosion contained in Hullabaloo, the international scientific community must be careful. It turns out that Jianqui is making quiet paper for the time being: his work has not been published in a specialized journal, so his experiment has not yet been contrasted or is dazzled by other experts. In this regard, Alberto Kornblihtt, PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, and Conicet's General Researcher says: "It is not possible to evaluate anything because they have not been published, we do not know how to experiment, with the goals, even if the embryos were left behind. If they are created, it is expected that only millions of dollars will be allowed to enter, which would lead to the creation of a human subset that would have a genetic advantage because they have a lot of money. Sophisticated is something useless. "

Although it is forbidden in many countries, the Jiankui group has edited the human embryos to address future-facing infections. Crispr, a technology that revolutionizes the molecular biology universe and whose creators have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, acts as a "molecular scissors", allowing genomes to cuts and changes. Therefore, the DNA sequence is completely corrected and accurately defined, corrected or eliminated. "Until now, we have been very cautious, if the technology is not used properly, it would solve the damaged, but at the same time it would solve the problem somewhere else," says Marcelo Rubinstein, PhD in Chemical Sciences and Senior Conicet Researcher. .

"When I am genetically changing my embryos, it can create new features for infants born and transmitted to children, and Crisp also has no effect on changing the genomes of the other region, which may be a minor gene that is currently defined. The world at least forces them to edit the genome of those born, because there is a lot among those born, "says Alberto Kornblihtt.

"With this technique it is keen to encourage working with the mouse at least to reduce the number of warranties, which would eliminate functional genes that encode protein-cell-cell-cell-cell-cell-cell-like viruses," Rubinstein describes.

"What has been censored in the past, in the future they may not have any trial. What happens is that it opens the door to transform all aspects of human biology," says experts.

That is, from Rubinstein's point of view from a geopolitical point of view. "The fight between China and the United States is very important, therefore, it is a demonstration of strength: both nations say they have no advantage at all. The Cold War era was much more noticeable, but the conflict is still latent, now the SESB does not exist," he says. The immediate court came from the United States, in the middle of 2017, led by a team of scientists led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov (Oregon University of Science and Health) to take the first piece of the whistleblower. After leaving a traditionally pragmatic logic in bioethics, he published his research in the prestigious Nature magazine. This demonstrated that Crisp could be used in human embryos (through a sperm patient) before removing the congenital consequences before birth and in the additional defects of your genome. In this case, unlike Chinese, the test was careful: the experimental attempt was aborted in the embryo. Here, although this case seems to be confirmed, Asia has had to take two steps to cope with the technical mastery of confronting and crafting their flag. The difference is that the territory of the conflict is not the moon, like the 60s, but the human body.

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