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Despite being a close government, NASA conveys an object of humanity to the furthest place. Here's how to see how Ultima Thule flyby coverage.

  • NASA's New Horizons probe is exploring 1 billion million mysterious objects beyond Pluto.

  • Objects are called Ultima Thule or 2014 MU69 and happened at flyby 12:33 a.m. On ET, on Tuesdays, New Year's Day.

  • Ultima Thule will be a remote object that humanity has never visited.

  • NASA TV and Johns Hopkins University will perform live video shows next week.

NASA wants to fly the nuclear power plant, because it explores far more humanity remote objects. You can see it from home comfort.

Ultima Thule (pronounced "tool-ee"), or 2014 MU69, the object is a complete mystery to the scientists. Researchers do not even know what space rock is, from 1 million million pluto. About a size of a mountain – about 20 miles – Ultima Thule is too small and too far to see the telescopes clearly.

"We were expecting it, we would not go to Ultima Thule. It's an object we have never encountered," Alan Stern, leader of the New Horizons mission, told Business Insider earlier. "This is an exploration."

Ultima Thule is the imprint of the transformation of the solar system, with the help of New Horizons, to make great pictures and studies to help build and evolve the planet.

When Stern called "annoying" maneuver, New Horizons will come to the nearest Ultima Thule. From 2,200 miles – 12:33 a.m. Tuesday, New Year's Day. The test will reach 32,200 mph.

Along the way, the spacecraft, which went on to Pluto in July 2015, will take hundreds of photos and measurements in a very coordinated sequence.

The first images will arrive late on Tuesday and will be published on Wednesday. You can view initial images via live streaming video.

But the 13-year-old spacecraft (the probes launched in 2006) and the distance of 4 million million limits, New Horizons needed two years to collect all of the Earth's data.

How to watch Ultima Thule flyby's live video coverage

The Applied Physics Laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University, which manages NASA's New Horizons mission, will provide live video-based video conferencing.

The segments will be done through the YouTube channel of the laboratory, from Monday to Thursday. NASA Live and NASA broadcast these segments, even if they were to shut down the government, to finance a wall on US and Mexican border by Donald Trump, who has sent many NASA personnel home.

"NASA owes you to the world with its achievements!" Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, tweeted on Thursday NASA would announce that television would remain in the air.

The first Ultima Thule will offer a press conference with Stern and other missions at 2:00 p.m. on monday

12:02 a.m. On Tuesday, she releases the song Queen guitarist and Brian May's astrophysicist. The video coverage will go by at 12:33 a.m., the last time in New Horizons after Ultima Thule.

Michael Buckley, a physicist at the Physics Laboratory, said that at that moment there would be a video stream that scientists had learned to get a mission. Direct coverage will begin on Tuesday at 9:30 am, and the sign "OK" by New Horizons will arrive at 10:00. The press conference will start at 11:30.

Monitoring press conferences about discussing close-to-back photos and science results will be organized on Wednesdays Monday afternoon. and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m.

You can see the main events of New Horizons through the embedded NASA Live video game below.

If you want to see the full coverage of the Applied Physics Laboratory, see the embedded player below or tune in to the YouTube channel.

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