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Destroy the snowflakes Fortnite (14 days Fortnite Challenge)

Destroy snowflakes decorations it is the twelfth challenge Fortnite for 14 daysBattle Royale Christmas event that slowly approaches its end. Every day, the challenge has been activated at 3:00 p.m., and we can complete the new cosmetic object unlock.

To finish this challenge, you need to know Where are Fortnite snowflakes?In this guide you will find something that is below, to complete the game challenges we offer you practical advice (12 must be destroyed, there are still many maps).

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Destroy the snowflakes in Fortnite, how to complete the challenge

As the name suggests, we need it to destroy snowflakes ornaments. But … how are snowflakes decorations? Well, very easy. They are just like we have shown below, and often hang on facades, lampposts and other places on the map. There are always houses with more or less "houses", such as Placentero Park, Señorío de la Sal … They destroy these fragrances (they do not belong to the same 8 zones), and they have created a challenge.

Destroy the snowflake decoration in Fortnite 1 in different names

On this map, you can easily find some locations snowflake Fortnite ornaments. They are not the only ones, because they can be found in these areas (for example, in the northern part of Placentero Park, some of them are decorated).

Destroy the snowflake decoration at the locations of different names in the Fortnite map

Maybe, it's a great place for Picados Apartments, it's almost snowflake in every corner of the area, and you can get it in one game on paper. Since it is partially negative, it's usually one of the most popular games sites and probably will always be a lot of enemies.

It is worthwhile, in many cases, that you can choose to force your opponents to get close notice … even if you can build them in other cases (for example, Pavement Floors) or shoot them out.

Destroy the snowflake decoration in Fortnite 1 in different names

You know The challenge is how to destroy the snowflakes Fortnite destroys the challengesOne of the challenges of Christmas events Fortnite for 14 days. If you need more support for Fortnight's 14-day challenge, such as fortune bombs when you visit a huge creative server, when you create or access a creative server, hitting a player with a different snowball game, play a player in different snowball games, gold Using an X-4 Stormworm ring through the rings, push your buttocks along the banks of the river, find gifts and boogie bombs, damage your opponents of different armies, dancing in front of Christmas trees, tricks are placed in different names with vehicles or a bus driver in various games.

If you need global 7-day support, how to overcome weekly weekly challenges, XP and fast-paced 7 tips and tips to get all the news about 7 season or get more than 100 tricks. games will win.

In addition, to finish, we also have our Fortnite Guide with tips and tips, master mastering of the game's craftsmanship, build better and, of course, how to complete 7 season challenges. Challenges of Nevada (like an old hunting party) or AlaTormenta an airplane in every game.

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