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Details of the autologist's Dentist Gissella Solís Calle revealing

January 30, 2019

His body was discovered next yesterday by Villa Elisa. The ground was buried and covered. It was 13 days left.

Solis Street

After finding a dentist Gissella Solís Calle, on the morning of the morning, next to Villa Elisa, The mystery increases due to his death.

In this regard, the first results of the autopsy of the woman lacking 13 days, revealed that "there is no obvious cause of death" and the court determines that The body does not show signs of attack or defense, not asphyxiation.

Thanks to these previous data, the researchers returned the hypothesis that most resonances with disappearance: poisoning Confirm this option by completing the confirmation they should wait toxicological analyzes, which will be the key to determining the cause of death.

For this reason, the researchers do not exclude any hypothesis. "Depending on the theory, we may say that there may be an obstacle to the respiratory tract, for example, without leaving a mark with your head or hands"He explained the source of a case at

The body of the dentist, who was missing on January 16, On Tuesday, they found the Villa Elisa at the top of the route. The Portuguese police arrived at this point for the data assisted by 911 and the security camera in the area.

A couple of 6-year-old missing suicide

du Abel Casimiro Campos is the main female suspect.When he decided to end his life in a hotel, while the police wanted to improvisation.

According to the accusation of the relatives of Solis, the woman disappeared after a strong debate with her excellent friend, A double life of three years: He married and had two children in Loberia, Buenos Aires. On the last weekend of the dead, the man went to visit his family and moved to La Plata.

"We do not know if the boyfriend has worked alone or has helped others"Fabián Perroni told the Buenos Aires police in front of a accomplice.

du Gissella's body was buried in a depth of 40 centimetersNear the drop of the motorway at Villa Elisa.

"We found Gissella, thank you, my dream was to find his life, but I found his dead. My frightened sister died and my family dismembered", said Mariela Solís.

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