Saturday , January 23 2021

Details on Awe's Hubble Private Triangle Galaxy View

Usually, astronomers who speak about the galaxy around us talk about Andromeda and carry 2.5 million light-years away. But a little farther – Ok, it's 500,000 light years away. Another galaxy is a spiral, our third largest local. Hubble has published the most recent details about this galaxy, that is, the triangle (why do you see it?).

The whole picture has nearly 25 million stars and scientists will also analyze the Galaxy Triangle, Andromeda and ours.

The bottom is the whole picture, and you can find even more high resolution images here.

This image forms part of the 54 Hubble field view in February 2017 and February 2018, following the release of the Space Telescope Science Institute. The imagined edges are a way of organizing Hubble cameras, as we explained in April, 2018.

Astronomers have measured the Triangulum with around 60,000 light years and around 40 million stars, on the other hand, Milky Way has a 150,000-light-year-long and billion-mile star. But it remains the extreme star formation, perhaps 10 times more surviving than Andromeda, according to the release.

"Hubble was the first image to see the images, really, it is a great star formation," said Julianne Dalcanton, astronomer at the Seattle University in Seattle, in the press conference.

Hubble takes on high-resolution images, of course, but there is only one telescope that can be seen by this galaxy. The triangle is one of the most distant objects visible in the dark sky, it is located in the constellation of the Triangles near Andromeda. Astronomo Steven Bellavia, a Brookhaven National Laboratory Engineer, sent a coalition galaxy 71mm refractive telescope and a 20-megapixel astronomy camera for two hours. In North Fork, Long Island, according to accessibility in New York, his vision came two weeks ago.

As always, your reminder is to seek out space! It's very nice.

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