Monday , October 25 2021

Diablo 3 presents a new 16 season and patch


Title Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo IIIHe prepared to receive him Season 16 from there January 11. We will find it Different innovations We will post a comment, one of them for the return Most thematic season. As will be reflected in this way, all players of the season "King's greatness ring"From the beginning. On the other hand, we have remembered the title recently changed.

All seasonal news and patch

New Cosmetic Awards: It will bring a new season helmet slots and shoulder pads of the Conqueror set (exclusive), offering several sections portrait frames based on the new adventure. As for the wing, "The wings of the past " (Related to the creatures of the sanctuary).

conquest of season: The new Conquests arrive to the title, to find them "All Fuses / And the more you accelerate", The goal is to complete a 70-year-old defect in the 70s of the 70's, Torment X or a 2-minute top-down limit. On the other hand, "On one day / I can not stop" is related to the topic environment mythical gems. You need to raise three of them to get the 65th challenge. Following the conquest, the end of a series of bosses (level 70) is challenging "Main Mode / Opposite Worlds". This is the next one to be submitted "Damned / stars lined up", From 350 meters to 70 levels and choosing Cursed bunkers related to the death of 350 monsters in Torment X or more. The last conquest "Year War / Dynasty ", If it is higher than 55 degrees, it will be achieved when it fails.

On the other hand, the gamble for the game includes some improvements in game experience, such as deleting the inventory's legendary potions and adjusting the elements of the original direct legation. Additionally, updates have been made class sets to do it Strengthening performance Most class and configuration.

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