Wednesday , May 18 2022

Diario Uno – A campaign to raise awareness of AIDS


On the 1st of this month, the World Anti-AIDS Day was held, which is why the Social Work of Social Workers (OSEP), the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports, the AIDS Provincial Program and the Faculty of Medicine Sciences, UNCuyo has carried out awareness actions.

Rosedal of the San Martin National Park yesterday morning, Mendoza Elige Saber was held. The script tried to promote fast, confidential, voluntary and free paths.

As part of the campaign, tests were also conducted.

In the place where the test was conducted by the disciplinary healthcare teams, graphic material on prevention and condoms was distributed.

More than 50 professionals have conducted free and confidential liver and syphilis, B and C hepatitis and have given results for a few minutes. There was also a vacuuming space.

In addition to the program, the Zumba schools were held free of charge, through the San Martín General Park and the Avernhos and Tabula Rasa rock groups.

OSEP carried out the Sub-Low Challenge Healthcare + Leisure Program, with physical education teachers, who delivered healthy food for a minute.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Oscar Sagás, and the Director of the Víctor Bittar Program of the Hiesa Program attended the campaign

Sagás said: "At present, 20% of the Argentinian population does not know that they can have an illness, which is why the theme of this campaign is Elegí Saber, so that everybody can have the opportunity."

"Currently 4,695 patients in the world are infected and half of whom are already treated, the AIDS Department's program works in a comprehensive way, medication is provided, supplementary studies are carried out and patients continue," added the Deputy Secretary.

Bittar said: "Access to information and prevention is very important, which is why, as regards the campaign, not only is the test but also the preliminary research advice, and then the result is not only a conversation, a doctor or a social worker. , brochures and condoms are distributed as preventive material. "

"Anyone who has sex with a helpless sex would be advisable to have a HIV test, if you have an active sexual intercourse every year or twice a year, this person will receive treatment that improves treatment, which prevents the quality of life and other people's transmission" said the specialist.

On the point of view and participation about this topic, Bittar said: "It's not so difficult to get the information you want." The program organizes workshops with minimal and family techniques throughout the year. In addition, we organized a concrete competition about AIDS, where we invite you to participate. This year, we have worked on 746 to record the number of registrations and the posters on the subject so that young people have a very active participation. Commitment ".

There are also other sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, B and C hepatitis, HPV (human papilloma virus), tricomoniasis, gonorrhea or chlamydia and herpes genitalia. They may appear in different ways and it is very important, if you suspect, the right consultation in the hospital or health center, most of which are treatable and many are cured.

Using condoms – well positioned – is the most reliable prevention method.

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