Sunday , July 3 2022

Diario Uno – An important fall in the East fell


The storms, winds and storms of the estuary have gone through Eastern Mendoza Sunday, according to the website of Las Catitas Mendoza Twitter.

The Giant damaged La Paz and the city of Santa Rosa, although the effects of the production areas were still unknown.

Although the climatic contingents were occasionally announced by isolated storms, a "supercell" caused neighbors.

As a result of heavy storms, the Easter hospital suffered from fluctuations in the rain.

How will it take time?

Sunday reported that climate reserves on Sunday would be the chance of isolated Mendoza storms on Monday. According to forecasts, on Sunday night or on monday morning sun was on the morning, it was a slight change in temperature. On Sundays, but on the first day of the week, the temperature will be 29 degrees, with sky planks and light winds with the sun. The rest of the week will decrease the temperature to achieve as much as possible 24 ° C.

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