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Diario Uno – Law of Endometriosis: "It is not usual to kill"


There is a risk of life-threatening activities and intense bleeding in the mortality that something wrong may be. They call them "silent illnesses" and is one of the most common gynecological gynecology of women of age, although unknown.

It is called endometriosis and affects 15% of the world's population of women, but the lack of statistical statistics is not a clear image of this disease.

During the menstruation due to the naturalization of pain, the diagnosis can last for several years, may lead to the illness and other complications that may be affected by the bladder, intestines or other organs.

In most cases, the diagnosis is known only when the woman is expected to be pregnant and does not understand what causes direct fertility.

Continuing projects and a new opportunity

There are a few bills presented at the Mendoza and National level for a chronic illness.

This degree will benefit people, such as greater drug coverage, medical licenses and a comprehensive medical approach.

The National Senator San Luis María Eugenio Catalfamo has presented a new project in the Congress that includes the Detection, Diagnosis, Control, Treatment, Drug, and Assistant Therapy in the Medical Plan.

She looks for support for this initiative, the female team "Endometriosis Mendoza" will be held on Saturday at Garibaldi and San Martin.

What is Endometriosis?

The Argentinean Association Endometriosis classifies it as "mysterious illness", although it is well considered.

Although the cause is not fully established, when the tissue is infused with the uterus and increases during the month of receiving pregnancy it is not eliminated by the menstrual and the cells are located in other uterine sites. body.

Endometriosis injuries can be found in the pelvis, ovaries, tubes, ligaments that help the uterus, the difference between the vagina and the rectum, the exterior of the uterus and the pelvic cavity (peritoneum). In some cases, endometriosis can be found in surgical scars, in the intestine or directly, in the bladder, vagina, vulva, cervix, etc. Often, the abdomen can be placed outside, such as the lungs or nose.

Live with endometriosis

"The pain is very intense every week I've been working on a week and I have taken Tramadol," says Eliana on Saturday.

"They tell us all the time that you are having normal pain, but that's not the end of it, you have to end up and spread that all girls and girls know that, so you can go to the doctor and diagnose quickly, the only one who is doing now is just painkillers. "The 47-year-old woman explains her illness as a flag to bring this cause.

Through a laparoscopic surgery, she found Elina at stage 4, the most serious, and repeatedly said the motto: "It is not normal to cause so much pain, it is not normal to put it in bed, for many days to have bleeding."

It's not just women who tell stories about Facebook profile in Endometriosis Mendoza. "It is violent that when you feel that nobody is listening, health workers do not even know about it," she says.

Throughout the world, they are called "Endoguerreras", women who have been women for thousands of years, while maintaining pain, remain in women's life for thousands of years of naturalization of pain.

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