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Did you have a little nephew too much? | Mendoza

Yesterday, at noon, Irañeta arrived at the offices of crimes against sexual integrity in the capital of Mendoza, and after hearing the charges against him, he made a statement. The athlete accused him of being formally severely ill-treated, a crime punishable by 4 to 10 years in prison.

Last January, the legal representative of Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz was not arrested after some appeals. The prosecution, Gustavo Stroppiana, demanded arrest of the progress of the investigation and did not request a defense to go to jail. However, Ruiz declared the prosecutor's office, and once again found a section against Justice, Judge David Mangiafico this time. This would not be the last attempts for the footballer after another appeal to the maintenance of freedom.

In all of these hearings, a player was fugitive and he was caught nationally and internationally. As a condition not to be arrested in court, they imposed a million less pesos and left the province of Mendoza. Due to the continuation of the case, in the first days of February, the Gesell camera victim and psychiatric abilities will be made for the accused to carry out future tests.

In this case, the alleged crime details are now only unknown details. For now, Justice has found elements for importing football players.

-> Participant player

B In the National Championship, Ignacio Irañet played 75% of Independiente Rivadavia games, a team dedicated to the Superliga promotion. Of course, since the complaint was known, he showed the training.

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