Tuesday , May 18 2021

Diego Armando Maradona was developed in the abdominal hernia

Diego Armando Maradona after he retrieved it properly operated one hernia in the stomachAfter a regular check, a problem was detected in the last days.

The intervention was carried out Olivos Clinica and that would bind him little bleeding This year, they practiced in their studies at the beginning.

The doctor "Duenak" caused the lapsus of a laparoscopic operation Walter Godoy, the clinic surgery manager, as confirmed Infobae.

"Diego Maradona surgery was over. Thank you. Thanks for the medical department at the Olivos Clinic, thanks to professionalism and humanity. Now we hope to recover, so Diego I can return to work as soon as possible, "said Matías Morla, his lawyer, through social networks.

The disease would be related to the hernia gastric pass He went to Colombia in November 2015.

As it was speculated about the Idol 58 years oldMaradona is in Mexico to spend a few days Gold of SinaloaOn Sunday, Sunday, he attended Ascent MX with Celaya 1-0.

"At the end of this year we will take a bit of pachucos, I have a problem with my shoulders, my knee problem, but I'm still there," said Maradona in saying the goodbye to his fans at the end of the year.

In October of last year, he had anxiety on his chest, causing serious problems in the chest, which usually caused him to move to his body due to an osteoarthritis.

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