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Diego Maradona Dorados returned to the bank with an important victory – 21/11/2014


Diego Maradona and his Dorados de Sinaloa took a step further to get the Liguilla Championship in the Mexican Football League. In the first part of the fortnight, he led Argentine coaches at home, winning 2-0 against Bravos de Juarez.

Maradona returned to the bankHe was one of the greatest difficulties of the matches after punishing a referee for a period of criticism. Juarez, the head of the Argentinean Gabriel Caballero, set up the Group of Raise for the Regular Inauguration Phase of 2018. In addition, eight consecutive games were played as a visitor without knowing victory.

However, Dorados suffered from the beginning. 12 minutes into the game, Santa Fe Jorge Cordoba deftly knocked the ball home.

In the minute 27, Rául Sandoval scored. In the middle center, 10 in the right, 10 in the great areas and 1 in 1, in the end, tried to make a strong shot on the left. Diego celebration, including bailecitos.

The advantage of Diego's team is because Juárez has a sports advantage, because the overall result will be saved in the final draw. Replacement will be played on Saturday, 22 in Argentina. The winners will play Atlante or Atlético San Luis on Thursday and Sunday.

Maradona took a three-point team in September and at the bottom of the table he won the eighth victory in eleven games. He lost nine losing games with seven victories and two draws.

To win, Dorados has to crown the championship and overthrows the Closing Champion 2019. He has won two championships directly.

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