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Diego Reinhold "Flor de Verano" after leaving the mobile: "I paid 400 pesetas and naftakoetan"

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January 31, 2019

The artist was confused about Dancing and left the conversation.

After the abandoned cell phone Diego Reinhold

Diego Reinhold I usually gave it a note Villa Carlos Paz driving program V of Florence call "Summer Flower", which is broadcast on the channel Urban Magazine.

In the middle of the note, he answers some question questions about his or her passage Dancing The interviewees decided to leave a remarkable uncomfortable and mobile.

"When you were" Dancing It was a controversial year for you, it was very in the eyes of the storm. Fight everyone. You've fought Nacha Guevara and with this Angel De Brito", said the journalist "Pampito" Pearl.

Young watching, Reinhold he asked: "Why is it controversial? With angel? I do not understand " and the interviewer did not hesitate to answer: "Yes Yes Ángel de Brito and with this Nacha Guevara Have you fought or is it crazy? ".

New Flor de la V hobby at the beaches of Mar del Plata

Then the comedy got up and down from the floor "Pampito" He reported the information that dissolved the actor's anger. However, he immediately returned, catching the microphone and declaring: "Nautilus and tolls spent $ 400 here, so no, boys, that's it. I've come here to treat it well".

"What a little tolerance … We do not treat it badly, we asked. If it's something I do not want, it's people that are not eager for television. I do not intend to do anything, and my slogan is all that can be done while it is respectful, "said the journalist.

Summer season Diego Reinhold He's doing a comedy show "Reinhold Concentrated" in Cordova. On the other hand, management is also responsible "Between her and her", the work that frightens you Sebastián Presta and Soledad García.

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