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Diego Reinhold left a cellphone, but he returned, took the microphone and complained in the air – 01/31/2013

Everything went smoothly. Diego Reinhold (45) Villa Carlos Pazi gave a note Summer flower, that program The Flower of the audience (43) Urban MagazineThe string of insistent questions they bothered them he left the mobile unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, the rumors in the air were surprised at the beginning of the cycle that took place on Wednesday, when the panelist "Pampito "Perello Aciar He began to wonder about Diego's participation Dancing in 2014.

"It was a controversial year for you, it was in the eyes of the storm … I wonder why …"The journalist said that there was no response from the interviewer.

"But why is it controversial?"The comedy was interrupted," because you've struggled for everyone. You've fought Nacha (Guevara), with angel (From Brito). That's why I say, "responded Perello Aciar.

"How is Angel? No, I do not understand …"Restart Reinhold".Yes, you worked with Ángel de Brito and Nacha Guevara. Or is it crazy?"Pampito reiterated.

"Nacha is nothing more"said the actor should evaluate the dance of the dancer due to his strong fight with the singer. Showmatch. "And Ángel de Brito too", stressed the journalist.

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"I do not understand why you tell me about Angel. What was the battle against Angel?"The humorists came up at that moment.

Then, Perello tried to remember: "production Summer flower, that is, very fast, just find it Crossing Ángel de Brito. I did not remember, but it was … "

But Reinhold did not leave him. "Oh, how heavy, guys"He paused while he praised the father, took it back and left it in the chair for seconds while he was on the phone

"No, I do not like being left lying. There was no fight in the monologue to enjoy so much"Pampito ended, but Diego did not hear him again.

"What a little tolerance!"The journalist started laughing, at that moment, Rocío Marengo (38) said: "What is Nahuel (mobile chronicler) So, Pampito is loving you … what a blind moment".

"Guys, what happened?asked Flor suddenly a serious and worried tone. Mar del Plata, with the season playing music Well argentine.

"That two minutes I am careless and out of my cell phone Pampito! "Adding the driver, in the midst of a laughter, the panelist could not explain what happened to him Camera Reinhold left the space, suddenly something happened unexpectedly again.

That is, when the actor realized he was in the air, he retreated, took the microphone and said: "Have spent 400 pesos gas and toll. So, boy, that's it. I came here to treat it well".

"We are not treated badly, we asked. If it's something I do not want, it's people that are not eager for television. I do not intend to, and my slogan demands everything that respects and responds to others, "concluded Pampitto.

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