Thursday , October 6 2022

Director Johannes Roberts will take over Resident Evil rivals at theaters –


If everyone thought they were Resident Evil movies They could not give more than one mistake, and that's after sThe delivery of cinemas and more than $ 1.2 million Now he begins with a new franchise franchise.

The Director of "47 Meter", Johannes Roberts, hired Constantin Film to start the fear again. The reorganization of the franchise has been a priority in Constantin last year.

Based on the classic video game, the franchise was the star Alice Milla Jovovich, not only the zombies that terrorize Raccoon City after an experience, but also the perplexing corporation of Umbrella Corp, that is, the sharp state. The newest film "Resident Evil" began in 2016 and was $ 312 million, worth $ 160 million in China.

It will be rebooted. The 2019 production will begin with the new model to continue to be unfulfilled.


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