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"Disaster, that's it …" Fernando Burlando talked about the cause of Natacha Jaitt's death!

The news that shook the show world was revealed by journalist Nacho Girón. He expanded Twitter's results Natacha JaittOn Saturday, Saturday, he was dead, in the neighborhood of La Ñata, in a party of Tigres. Also, according to the police, the body of the model and driver was found in the Xanadu Complex, lying on the bed of 644 Isla Verde street.

After a matter-of-facto biralization, many celebrities talked about the topic and desperately worked, even though they did happen to send them a hard-fought empathy. In this case, it was a tough fight with Natacha, a Mercedes Ninci: "I was telling the death announcement, the death does not produce anything for me, I said social networking, Mirtha Legrand that night, I said it would end like Nisman, that's why I complained "said Chronic Professionals.

As if not enough, he doubled his bet and added: "I'm a true person and I'm not politically correct." Honestly, for me there are other issues, I'm worried about inflation, insecurity, unemployment and disaster. We live in this town, in the morning with Coronel Kristina Kirchner's Comodoro Py. All of these issues seem to me ten times more important, I want to explore and know the truth, but honestly I will not talk more. It's over, "said Ninci.


But that was not all, the media sought the word of the famous lawyer, Fernando Burlando, Representatives of the Latorre family, to demand extortion against the media. "It's a bad thing to understand the consequences of a drug and its consequences, disaster, the situation is confusing, but I think we do not think about it, the situation of a homicide is far away," he said. Interview with LAM.

In addition, when asked about the relationship between Jaitt and the secret services, Fernando said: "I do not know how to work for secret intelligence services, I have always emphasized that intelligence, but the information collected by a person is incredible. "

"I did not take care of the attacks, because I defended a lot of people against them, I often sued them, I think they always attack me, because they identify what they defend themselves," said the lawyer and closed the problem: "I did not want I did not have the line of people, no doubt, because I often found it, but then we must think about the state of violence. " He's finished

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