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Discussions on PrEP in Argentina, the HIV Prevention Pill


That is known The most effective anti-gop prevention method is a condomWhile this virus does not get it, it also prevents other sexually transmitted infections. but 98% of diagnosed cases do not use profilactic.

Therefore, Consensus is a need for other prevention strategies and that is the strength PREP, with one Proven efficiency between 90% and 95%.


It is an antiretroviral, a daily pill as is known PrEP, a pre-exposure prophylaxis, is aimed at people who do not live with the virus and there is more chance of getting it: We speak of cis and trans men and women who do not use condoms, serodiscordant couples, positive ones, sex workers.


The Huðed Foundation has begun a study that is repeated in other countries, in order to analyze the efficiency of the preexposure in an injectable way. "The idea is to know how to apply an injection every two months It gives results similar to the pill, we know people who can not keep up the day and maybe this alternative is easier, "she says. Omar Sued, Director of Invited Research.

Almost 100 people have already participated, and the results will only be available in four years.


Dr. Sued understands that the United States has this medicine to ensure that people with health coverage do not have the same, and social and savings work would be the same with their peers ", since The AIDS Law in Argentina establishes that all prevention, diagnosis and treatment tools must be frees, then, if the law ratifies the state, it will be free. "


In Argentina, PrEP still does not demand debt and a wider debate.

Gustavo Pecoraro, journalist and activist in response to HIV, we say "A controversial alternative, because it must be an alternative and not a single preventative alternative".. Moreover, it is a debate "du autonomy of organizations It must be decided whether or not PrEP should take it".

"You need to get PrEP out of the closet and the responsibility is State."

"I have sex with a person that does not live with HIV, a serodiscordant relationship, and He wanted to take PrEP ", says Pecoraro, one of the first promoters Orfeo's March In Buenos Aires.

Another entrepreneur and even journalist, Lucas "Fauno" Gutiérrez, It must be said that "we are looking at a necessary debate, but in what contexts? While all positive HIV does not guarantee access to treatment, talking about Prep seems very hypocritical ".

How do you think the negative medication, if HIV positive is not even insured by our medication?

Gutiérrez refused the degradation of the Ministry of Health to the Secretary of State, and this year he was not treated in the congress. New HIV Law promoted by various organizations. Eventually he recalled "It is directed by a 1990 law that does not have human, social or labor rights".

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