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Dismissed already | Delivery Approvals 450 …

Demand companies Orders Over 450 employees have been excluded, after leaving the company's logistics office and having a peaceful occupation. The majority of the dismissals were not officially reported, they were blocked by access to the platform that was assigned the orders and deliveries that were confirmed. The company refuses the police for its employees.

When they saw the users locked in, many people said they would go to the offices and ask them to return the name of the brand they use to use backpacks and bikes. Unlike the distributors of Glovo, Rappi and Uber platforms, Most of the mandated workers were subject to dependency and compensation, but were not yet formally informed.

"They found that the application vendors blocked their IDs, some have reported that they have received dismissal telegrams without cause and while others are in an alert state," AppSindical said, a union created by the platform staff.

The first waves of the end of applications came a few months ago. The company got 1200 employees, only half left. In the case of workers, dismissal is the reduction of the "empty" delivery driver's shop and the replacement of more and more monotributists, as in other delivery applications.

"At the company's offices, the current authorities closed the doors of the workers who looked for an answer," he said. Instead, he demanded that the police dispatch the personnel to the dispatch. "At Gurruchaga's headquarters, in 1700, they joined the support staff in the headquarters of Gurruchaga.

"While these guys were empty, it was the hope that we worked on for shipping and messaging, that is to say, everything is going back, this predicament will increase, the state should be protected in all its forms, but unforgettable by these events. from now on, "said Daniel Rappi, staff, to the newspaper Tiempo Argentino. Other platform distributors came to Orders Now to show solidarity with the dismissed.

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