Thursday , January 28 2021

Djokovic: "The good news is to return to Australia"

First debut Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open It is approaching 2019. The Serbs will fight with the American Mitchell Krueger the first one Grand Slam In year, to be at the top ATP ranking. Nole will appear in that competition Melbourne Tuesday at dawn Before the game against Krueger, Balkan made a press conference and examined his presence Australian Open.

"The good news is translated here, I've had a lot of success in my career in Australia, I always feel good feelings and feelings about this city, it's a place where they love tennis, they all follow, and you know, I've been happy with the support of the Serb community. If they call "happy slam", it's for some reason, "said Djoko.

Later, he emphasized the Australian Open's title for a professional for 31 years: "I won a great championship in the championship in my career in 2008 afterwards. I was building a future of my future talent and talent, but when it's different from the Grand Slam, it's an incredible experience. zen "picture.

Meanwhile, Novak mentioned the continuation of Chris Kermode in front of the ATP (Professional Tennis Professional Association). "I can not talk about the conversations that we had at the ATP Council, whether the president is admitted or not, all of this is completely confidential, this decision has not yet been made, Chris will be president until the end of the period, whether or not they continue to be longer or no. In the meantime, we will continue to talk with Grand Slams, to demand a more suitable distribution in the first rounds, to allow players to live longer in our sport, not just 100. Nowadays we are delighted, especially in Australian facilities. " the Serbs.

In the end, Nol closed the press conference to "Wink" WTA (Women's Tennis Association): "We must respect each other, we are all part of the sport, we are in the same boat, we respect and appreciate. Good things for each circuit, we need to create a platform that we all develop We are well known by Andy Murray and he always offered a lot of advertising. "

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