Wednesday , October 20 2021

DNI: Who should take the vaccine to process the documentation?


The final regulation requires all doses of the day. What is missing, what happens if you lose the certificate: get new tax returns, ID, passport and driver's license.

19th of December, 2019

From now on, anyone who is required to process a DNI, passport or driver license must present a vaccine certificate, according to the new law promoted by Pablo Yedlin Tucuman. but, What are the doses that adults should apply?

According to the Senate approved initiative, last week, it will open a State adult vaccine for adults, which needs to be vaccinated to date, depending on the age, to perform these procedures.


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According to the calendar published by the Ministry of Health, adults should have three doses of healthy hepatitis B and double adults twice daily in diptterics and teats every 10 years. Born from 1965, the virus should receive three times doses before squash and ruble against a year before.

On the other hand, people over 65 years old have been fed pneumo-medicine and anti-flu medication every year. In case of cardiac cardiac loss, if someone has given a vaccine and does not remember if a certificate or dose is not received, There is no contraindication to apply again.

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