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"Do not update Instagram": why Twitter users made claims

Change of Instagram feed, one prevents publicity from being seen as usualMany users complained about Twitter. Depending on the occurrences of those who use the social network, Could not browse top-down messages, as is usually the case.

In this way, when the application enters, Users must slide through publications by moving their finger from the right to the left, as in stories. Depending on the new Instagram update, it is no longer possible to browse top and bottom messages in the usual way.

Immediately as communicated Infobae, The users went to Twitter to warn about this change they were attributed to an alleged update of the platform. In a quick way, the social network has begun publishing with the hashtag #NoActualicenInstagram.

However, The company argued that, in reality, the system was a mistake. According to Instagram, it will be bug which result in message display mode and will not be constantly updated in the application, so the navigation will change.

In this sense, The social network certifies the problem that has already resolved to solve the problem in a traditional way, Many app users unknown, did not know what was happening. However, some networks still remain in this problem.

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