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Do we use Chinstrap or not? The specialists contrast each other – 11/11/2019

The use of chimpanzees in the population of Epuy is not an indiscutible rule among doctors and civil servants. Chubut healthcare provider guarantees you bugle which are not essential, as the province is paying special attention to the useful tool.

In the meantime, the Andean regions are depleted And when they were on sale, they showed 400 pesos and 500 pesos per unit, the locals explained.

The serious preventative health measures of Epuy, established by the Ministry of Security of Chubut, inhabit 2,500 inhabitants in the city. Controlling the isolation and routine of infected families.

Every day, a group of 20 people in the province's health care center, Rinconada, and 28 major residential homes, in most cases registered. Professionals take into account body temperature to verify physical and psychological status.

According to the municipality's data, there are 50 people who follow observations, but 28 have a great risk. "We have identified all those who have been infected with the infected," they explained in the Cultural Center of the local Center of Culture.

The recommendations are contradictory in Epuyen. On one hand, the municipalities and the provincial police in Chubut release the need for a thick mask and keep their alcohol in their hands again and again.

However, the Ministry of Health's experts said Clarin Chinstrap was wearing "unnecessarily" and "swollen" wearing down the street. "The virus is not in the air and the infected are already identified and are in the state of detention," said one officer did not want to make official statements.

In fact, the people sent by the Provincial Council of the Ministry of Health show their faces.

Chubut police patrols have climbed to the streets, despite the fact that agents did not recognize exactly what they look at. "They looked at us, but I do not know what we are seeing, it should be consulted with my senior", Clarin acknowledged an officer.

Not aware of the call "Concentration Plan" in the neighborhoods of Epuyen, "Koarentena" and Sanitaria Barrera. Signals, ambulances or corner specialists are not intended to attract anybody's Netflix scripts.

Neighbors say that listening to radio on the health measures does not match what happens in real life. What plan? No one came here, "says one senior neighbor." Actually, I was not at any doctor in the province, "said another resident of the Lake." Doctors and Malbrán people came here but they did not give much, "says other neighbors. one.

Surprisingly, the grandfather of Micaela Troncoso (14), the prime minister, who was killed in Epuyen, was a member of the party on November 3, a doctor did not study. Although Atilio Troncoso is not a mask that cares his grandson with the Intensive Therapy of Esquillera, this is.

"What we are doing is right, Insufficient, controlled cases and we are sure that the infections will go down, "said Chubut experts.

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