Sunday , February 5 2023

"Do you know how to steal it?": Diego Maradona imposed an imposing car in Dorados training


This last day on Thursday Gold of Sinaloa Atlético San Luis will receive the second half playoffs in Mexico. And to Diego Maradona They maintain a very motivated attitude towards transcendental crossings: they have given them a luxurious automobile until they present their last team training.

"And, Die? You like it?", They asked the coach Big Fish when he parked the blue car. And he replied: "It's mine, that's the color, my dad, I love it."

@ In a video released by Dorargdos, Diego is fascinated by Chevrolet Camaro RS V6, and extends the tenth right window into the window by the driver. "Do you know how to steal?", he asks ten together with friends and get to the practice.

It is about the emergence of the law if the promotion gets consecrated to the League.

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