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Dobal dies, she is 45 years old with Clarín's humorist – 12/01/2014


Humor graphic Felipe Miguel Ángel Dobal, his best known surname, he died on Friday night when he was 95 years old at his home-based historical temple. At Clarin's age at age 45. First with its classic "Current Issues" and then from the "Daily Chronicle". Las Laser (Hipólito Yrigoyen 8762, Lomas de Zamora) and tomorrow, Sunday, will be on display at Gloriam Cemetery at 13:00 p.m.

Was Humor pioneer in newspapers and was first published on April 14, 1958, on the cover of the Second Section. His drawings did not miss a single day in the next four decades. To get inspired, he got up early, read all the newspapers, and news, the joke would be published the next day. On Saturday, September 6, 2003, the drawing of a tear said goodbye. "The reader reflects the emotional state, now leaves a tear away," he wrote in his mythical space on the back cover of the newspaper.

He confessed in 2013 A significant cultural identity City of Buenos Aires. Lino Palacio studied with great graphics humor and it was one of the first to arrive at Clarín, after which they came together with Fontanarrosa, Caloi, Guinzburg, Brokoli, Aldo Rivero, Crist, Landrú, Viuti, Tabaré, Altuna and others. , Sendra and many others.

He had six children, 18 grandchildren and 12 grandchildren, a family that grew at the same time. Clarí

"You learn to copy, my child has been told by me about my life, hundreds (NDR: among them Caloi, when it was young.) I always said: do not worry, if you copy it, you will free everything. You learn to copy in life and fortunately copy it is good"Clarin said in an interview after referring to the Parliament of Buenos Aires.

One of the first publications of Dobal Clarín.

One of the first publications of Dobal Clarín.

Within 16 years, he built sports jokes and reconstructed police events in Bahía Blanca newspaper "El Atlántico". He started at the age of 22 at the magazine "Don Fulgencio", directed by Lino Palacio. He also published "La falta de detalles" in the newspaper La Razón for 27 years, which also left another creation: "Dramas Clasificadas". In all the publications, the corner of this page that had the signature became its personal stamp.

11-1-13 society Dobal cartoonist
hernan rojas buenos aires dobal cartoon interview with humorist notes

11-1-13 society Dobal cartoonist
hernan rojas buenos aires dobal cartoon interview with humorist notes

"I remember, When I went in there, there were no newspapers in the cartoon. Others were very important, but everyone who worked for the magazines, "Dobal said, spent a long time in the newspaper's corridors, not only with other comedies, but also with journalists who had the chance to see it, visited the chateau and received greetings from everyone.

Dobal proclaimed the average work of the second half of the late 50s to be drawn from the newspaper El Mundo. "But I did not say it, and when the doctor knew Roberto Noble, creator bugleHe thanked me for the decision to live, "recalled the artist.

In his career, the humorist had many changes and transformations, not only for the world and technology, but also for humor and speed in which messages appeared scattered. "My son, Juan Pablo, is a pianist and has been living in Holland for many years in Amsterdam, and nowadays he is calling me a fascinating picture and I read the whole newspaper, so he only sees the drawing, but also It also prints and also keeps it, "said Awe.

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