Sunday , June 13 2021

Doctors Melbourne swallowed Lego for science and lost their head

Doctors inadequate a team have swallowed Lego for the Melbourne exam.

A doctor lost his head.

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Tired of not answering the question asked frequently "How long did my child spend until I was eating Lego," doctors did some research.

Every time they ate a Lego head, they found out how much time they needed to find the biggest plastic plastic dish.

The average time was 1.7 days, but there was a severe margin.

"We have all looked at and, unfortunately, one of our lucky attendees has never reached the other end," said Ross, who spoke with John Ross, a researcher at Andrew Tagg.

"He searched for two weeks in search and was unable to find it."

Dr. Tagg said reasonably happy results, but "some (elements) can be dangerous and parents still care".

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