Tuesday , January 18 2022

Dolarrak touched the floor of the group and the BCRA validated the low rate


Ticket exchanges have been decentralized to a single exchange exchange and exchange market (MULC), and after profiting from the flotation band (currently $ 37.28) in the 14th floor, it has dropped three cents to $ 37.34.

As usual, Central BanksLiquidity Letters made an auction in 7 days and the reference rate was reduced. The amount granted was 193,244 million dollars, up to 59.3%. The average rate of the court stood at 58,964 (Friday was 59.28%), a minimum rate of 58.496 euros.

In the informal market, blue The performance is stable $ 40According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. On the other hand, "Contad Con Liqui" dropped eight percent on Friday, at $ 37.47.

It should be remembered that green areas drop by 41 cents during the first week of the year, after closing Friday, at $ 38.42.

The currency, which touched the minimum value in the month, went with it wholesale segment, where he dropped nine cents from $ 37.37 to $ 33 cents a week, a three-week follow-up cycle.

"Foreign visitors continue to be constant and the price decrease creates a repeat scenario for the exchange rate, as long as it lasts for the first month," said Gustavo Quintana.

On the other hand, Fernando Izzo ABC Mercado de Cambios said "it is likely that the BCRA will have a lower interest rate on Leliq offerings than the exchange and financial operator's downward trend in dollar and demand plus currency."

Other markets

In the interbank money market, the call rate was 53% on average. In foreign exchange exchanges, it was agreed to finance and / or finance $ 110 million dollars for the purchase of dollars over the next Monday and Tuesday.

In Rofex, $ 663 million were traded, of which more than 68% in January and February totaled 38.78 and 40.18 dollars, 51% and 49.90%, respectively.

The Central Bank contributed € 89 million to $ 65,729 million.

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