Saturday , January 28 2023

Dollar drops 19 cents to $ 39.75 down at Letes and Lecari bidding


It is tuned Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), where the currencies go down 15 cents $ 38.80 Shortly after touching $ 39.11.

In the informal market, meanwhile, blue It's 50 cents $ 38.50According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. "Settlement counts" yesterday rose to 91 cents for $ 38.72.

It should be noted The Ministry of Finance will issue current Treasury Bills in pesos and dollars (193 and 116 days, respectively) and Pesos de la Tesorería Nacional en pesos (BOTE) will expire on September 21, 2020.

The offer will be closed 10 to 10 on Wednesday, according to the opening schedule of the Ministry of Finance.

The exchange market is limited this week, leading the G20 meeting leaders to the world leader and on Friday and Saturday in the center of Buenos Aires.

In this regard, the Central Bank has confirmed to this portal that Thursday operations will be 10 to 13 hours. On Friday, public and private banks throughout Argentina will not open their doors in the framework of the peak of the "holidays" decided by the authorities.

Yesterday, with the combination of factors, among others, the commerce disarmament and its own positions at the end of the month, the dollar was 2.4 or 1.44 and $ 39.94. Since he has become a member of the Central Bank of Guido Sandleris, he has touched on the maximum number of days. In this way, the card won five consecutive times.

In the wholesale segment, the currency was 3.9% or 1.45 and $ 39.05. The BCRA took place at a roundabout 8-day Liquid Lender auction, and it has been re-evaluated that the rate has dropped 61.237% (from 61,405 to Friday). The amount granted amounted to 134,579 million dollars.

"The combination of factors, such as trade disarmament, major maturity of external obligations, and the end of each month and the beginning of the compensation and the beginning and offsetting period, should be noted to undo the correction of the dollar,, assured Gustavo Quintana, PR Operator Corridors of Change.

The Central Bank's sources have said that "the monetary market has not yet seen the effects of this volatility, since the LELIQ maturity of the day has been renewed unchanged unchanged."

For the second consecutive time, the BCRA continues to gain money from zero, which is why "it will continue to earn money to absorb excess liquidity," said the same source.

Green areas helped to estimate regional price, especially in Brazil, 2.5% of the currency. In Mexico, the dollar rose 1.01% and 0.2% in Chile.

Dollar in the world

A dollar rose on Tuesday, after the Federal Reserve's chairman Richard Clarida, the rate of interest rose, although it emphasized the importance of evaluating economic data as the US central bank poses as a neutral position.

The dollar index, which compared the value of greenhouse to six currencies, advanced in the earlier session, as US President Donald Trump said, Chinese imports should continue charging. $ 200 billion, from 25% to 10%.

Other monetary markets

In the interbank money market, money was 60% on average.

In the ROFEX US $ 1511 million were operated, of which more than 77% were agreed between November and December, with the latest prices of $ 39.50 and $ 40.92 respectively; and rates of 60.09% and 49.94% TNA. It is estimated that the BCRA sells it on the market. Future futures reached an average increase of 1.4 millions with local growth.

In the end, the BCRA reserves fell to $ 145 million from Monday, to 51.591 billion dollars.

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