Monday , October 18 2021

Dollar today: The Lebac end of the currency is "pumping" at $ 39


The US dollar market is being marketed Tuesday to face global risk, following Wall Street and the European stock market a few months after signaling the bigger economic slowdown in the world.

The currency was stable during the first half of the negotiations. Wholesale trade price was sold at $ 38.20, while the dollar retail deposit remained at $ 39.10 in Banco Nación.

In this context, the Central Bank will pay the final balance of Lebac on Tuesday and to end these instruments, the administration of Federico Sturzenegger was known to retail investors, and monthly maturity became the currency authorities to become a headache. Exchange Execution If these letters are not renewed, they will have access to $ 68,000 million in the street, ie Leliq (exclusive bank instruments), which will be used for other bonds or dollars.

It seems that the sum of money that can be protected by the dollar and the Christmas bonus payment increase exchange rates in December. In parallel, the BCRA must limit currency deployment to the IMF's agreed purpose and the additional $ 16 million reduction planned for this month. This less gives off the interest rate.

The dangers of countries exceeded 780 points on Monday and parked at the top of Macri's management. Analysts are reluctant to increase the political uncertainty about the elections, but also to scarce economic indicators.

Although it ends in the context of the domestic market, the financial world has a high risk. On Monday, the Wall Street index was minimal in months. The same thing happened on Tuesday morning, the European Stock Exchange.

Wall Street's rumors have intensified the latest weakness in economic data around the world, and the forecasts that Fed announced could be the end of three years of more stable growth.

Investor confidence has deteriorated, giving a shorter forecast for a decade's global economy, according to a report from Reuters by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Emerging currencies can lower the US rates and dollar weakness. But, on the other hand, the satisfaction of coping with risk reinforces the active "shelters", such as gold.

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