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Dolores, free fall: the third consecutive day followed the route | chronicle

The retail dollar ended at $ 38.80 per week, dropping 1.84% yesterday, and a 4.9% rise with respect to the final ending last October. .

On wholesale terms, however, on Thursday, it was $ 37.72, 1.92% down on the previous year. During the whole month, US divisions grew by 4.92% in this segment.

Due to the restrictions imposed on the G20 summit security, daily operations were reduced by approximately 3 hours, and the market volume sold was over $ 305 million.

In the foreign exchange market, the supply is again distributed with banks, exporters and investors.

This allowed the Central Bank to absorb a significant amount of $ 40,905 million and determined a new discount rate of Leliqs at 60.405%.

"In the first hours of the single market and free exchange (MULC), more than 80 dollars were dropped by constant revenue for banks, exporters and investors, because the demand was found by the operator to place preferential weight on the basis of priority assets and according to different periods, still rates tall "said ABC Mercado de Cambias newspaper.

In the end, Rofex's future business market was $ 822 million.

Most of them accounted for 65% of the total at the end of November and end of December, with the final price of $ 37.97 and $ 39.26 respectively.

In the tranche, they marked a loss of more than $ 1 in the quotation, along with the verified cash regression in the cash market.

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