Friday , April 10 2020
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Download Craft Festival for Hantavirus

The government of the province of Chubut interrupted the Artisan Festival, from 17 to 20 January in the town of Epuyen, for the emergence of the hantavirus, 13 cases of confirmed illnesses reported up to now, with five deaths.

The Minister of Health of Chubut, Adrián Pizzie, will announce that "psycho-social reasons will be suspended" during the 29th edition of the 29th Northeast 29th Northwest of Chubut.

Based on this measure, "in the report of the social health group that is concerned about this issue, as a result of its losses, the municipality stopped for a moment and, after speaking with Mayor Antonio Reato, we accepted the decision to join the party."

After confirming 13 cases, the lines of action were strengthened to avoid crossing between people, by minimizing the risk of close relationships or ownership. As indicated, "epian hantavirus's appearance shows atypical behavior."

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