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Dr. Boca was angry with Fernando Gago's future versions

Dr. Boca, Jorge Batista, at the crossroads of journalistic version Fernando Gago declared his improvisation to continue playing football after the Copa Libertadores de Madrid final.

Through social networks, Xeneize's head of the department of medicine said: "I do not know whether Fernando decides whether or not to play, and with the decision of coaches and club leadership."

But then he shot: "But they would all be well-off if they call anyone who wants to give their opinion … Boy, nobody will be angry. There is freedom of speech, but the truth is that my anonymity is not a good idea," he added. irony and anger.

"And the more you do not know the kind of patient presence, the level of breakage or the technique that you have performed, whether you return to high levels or not, I do not know and you must see the evolution. Congratulations !, well, 2019!"

Batista's response, Gear reacted to a 3-1 defeat against the Spanish counterattack, notes Olé's comments. According to this, "after a lot of injuries, the consulted specialists from Olé have assured (Gago) that they can not be 100% again."

The painful Achilles tendon tear of the right legged leg was more time consuming and Boca ten players were missing fifteen players fifteen minutes away. In addition, the midfielder was the third in its career (millions against all), and the ligaments were torn.

Last injuries of Gago

In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Gago had to go through the surgery room due to the fracture of the Achilles tendon (two times left, right) and crossed ligaments.

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