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Due to the rise in debt and debt, public debt accounts for 95% of the GDP – 12/9/2009

For the weight gain and higher debt, the internal and external public debt, pesos and foreign currencyadded On September 30, the last US $ 307,656 million, Which 95.4% of the GDP owes to the GDP coupon amounting to $ 320.955 million and 99.5% of GDP. In other words, the national public debt (without the province and BCRA) represents a total GDP.

The official numbers are the "Prior Report" of the Financial Secretary, which have been released in the last hours.

One year ago, public debt accounted for 53.41% of the GDP and 55.8% of GDP. The devaluation of the sharp balance was in GDP dollars and reduced the volume's volume. At the end of 2017, the GDP was $ 540,000 million and, 9 months later, it placed 322,500 million dollars in Finance. 40% drop in dollars.

For this reason, despite the Government's borrowing and foreign currency foreign currency, the debt has remained at almost a year and has not dropped in the second quarter. But with no details: in 12 months, the debt with public entities was diverted to dollars, with ANSeS, with $ 21,864 million, with a greater proportion of its assets, employment was increased. Private funds (US $ 8,388 million) and international organizations (15,424 million), especially for the first discounts of MFN.

In an April document in favor of the agreement with Argentina, the MFN could be public debt this year from 57.1% to 64.5%, followed by a downward path. In 686, 68.6% of the GDP could close an "injurious situation" at the end of the year. In the second report, in December, the NDF made a forecast for the end of 2018 to 78% of the GDP, and the decline in dollar between September and December offsets the greater debt of the international organization itself.

According to the GDP, a declining tendency for the 2011 fiscal year has continued to rise in 2011 due to the combined effect of the slowdown of the economy, as a result of the increase in debt and the increase in the dollar value. With no PBI coupon, 38.9% went to 2011, 52.6% in 2015, 53.3% in 2016, 57.1% of 201.7 and now in the third quarter of 2018 and 95.4%.

If the compensation is extended to the end of 2005, after the first exchange of debt, of 154,270 million dollars, Public debt doubled in US $ 153,386 million.

In Pesos, the amount of a total of one year has doubled, and more weight has been added to the State, more taxes and public works, wages, retirements, among other things, and reduce debt, as well as weight and weight. in dollars, to pay interest and pay debts.

At the same time, the debt went "for the dollar". In total, 79% of foreigners are recruiting (dollars or euros) and 21% to national currencies. In 2005, this proportion was 58.9% / 41.1%. In 2015, the proportion of 69.3% and 30.7%.

Details of the Ministry of Finance report, according to the creditor, are US $ 120,705 million- $ 39,2 million in debt to $ 307,656 million. Central Bank, ANSeS and other public entities owe it.

With international organizations (NMF, IDB or the World Bank), it amounts to $ 43,219 million, 14% of the total. It represents a private sector 44.6% or US $ 143.733 million in different financial instruments, such as Bonds and Letters.

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