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Due to the rise of the country's risk and the inability to finance it, the Government abrogates PPP's work program – 12/19/2014


Due to difficulties in accessing credit, Mauricio Macri decided to face rising risks in the country Suspended Public-Private Participation (PPP) programs uninitiated worksIn the next election that the government wanted to promote economic promotion and management, it was prepared to eliminate the first fiscal deficit planned for the 2019 Budget.

"Projects are delayed while the cost is reasonable"He confirmed bugle A source from the Ministry of Finance, after the next meeting of the president, Nicolás Dujovne, Guillermo Dietrich (Transportation), Francisco Cabrera (BICE title) and Javier González Fraga (his homolog) National and local officials.

The PPP system's planning and control over this month from the Treasury to Cabinet chiefs was a change, Marcos Peña throughout the campaign A tool for launching work. The official also absorbed the National Registry of Public Works Construction, which was controlled by the Ministry of the Interior.

The decision to continue with the six road corridors and other projects and cancel the planned projects will be affected by the Governor's plans, which in some cases have appealed to this kind of appeal Reimbursement of budget cuts for public worksTo meet the reduction of the agreed deficit by the IMF. The partial partition will be re-determined with the traditional scheme, still without specific time.

It is a licensed project High voltage transmission line He would go to Buenos Aires between Rio Diamante (Mendoza) and Charlone.

Adds series of begun works $ 8,058 million investment in highways and freeways ($ 6,000 million in the building and $ 2,023 million in maintenance of $ 6,035 million) and three planned phases of 7,777 kilometers. The former included bids for brigades for national roads in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Pampa, Mendoza and Santa Fe. The Ministry of Transport finally started the highway between Mercedes and Suipacha as the last landmark. US $ 1,100 million.

The country's risk reached 787 points on Tuesday maximum level Macri management. In addition to the difficulties in accessing credit, the PPP program has already suffered The effect of the so-called cause of notebooksBanks asked to save money on companies that had taken part in regular payments by former Kirchner civil servants. However, they proposed the Casa Rosada resume the campaign system and to boost the economy, and earlier this month, the minister hopes to increase 10% growth over the next year as the project progresses.

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