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Dursimo: Carolina Papaleo suffered an accident and the Government blamed her!

The economic crisis continues to affect the country and the recreation world is not far from its effects. It was the last victim Carolina PapaleoActors and panelists are one of the most important members of the Incorrectas program Moria Casn and when he went to the exam, at the beginning of the cycle he was not disadvantaged.

The variant has been linked to the continuous cuts of light that affect the province of Buenos Aires, because, as a result of the incision, it was locked in an American lane elevator. But that was not all, he achieved a small signal of his mobile phone and he used it in a surprising way: he published a criticism of his Instagram account. His work was very special, he opted for Carolina government.

According to a note released by Exitoña, the panelists destroy the government Mauricio Macri and the incentives to request subsidies for electric energy at Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's presidency. I do not see the wrong ones in the entrance, tranches. I'm locked in the elevator because the light is cut. Was not it a grant? Today, INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL NEWS! (sic), the actress wrote for a moment to illustrate a picture.

Reporting the lack of papal, he mentioned the driver's problem and said: Thank God that it is not claustrophobic! He confesses death. Fortunately, the story had a happy ending and when he left the elevator, Carolina said the everyday habits of humor and regularity remained unchanged, even though the situation did not stop, social networks exploded and networks expressed their opinion.

"You are the only boss who is dead, because you have decorated your memory and dignity, another currency …", "Hahahahaha in the brain and in memory … when your leader was cut" I have been living for a long time and for a long time for a long time, Ridcula "," Hold the JEFA !!! "and" God does not care about WOMEN! "They are not pre-existing and not current!", lapidary messages were published.

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