Monday , May 29 2023

E. Coli's onslaught causes local economics


In the new appearance of E. Coli, the Roman lettuce, a national occurrence on the eve of Thanksgiving, is subject to a local economy, Wednesday, the Department of Agriculture has ordered the Stop harvest of this plant.

"It's already affecting us. There have been three challenges since Wednesday, lack of evidence and the buyer continues to consume Roman lettuce. This is not normal before taking measures and these appearances have not been seen. Something is happening," said Antonio Oseguera agricultural labor the contractor since 1985 and the President of Osage Harvest.

He said he has 60 unemployed people, which causes losses of $ 27 thousand a day. "I have a lot of people dedicated to the harvest of Rome, but there are more than a thousand workers. The region has 10 thousand hectares per week, and Roman lettuce is one of the strongest Yuma County products."

Last Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the following 32 issues: O157: Number of people suffering from lettuce infected with E. coli tension derived from H7. Shiga producing toxin in the 11 states of the United States, 13 were hospitalized, and a person who developed a hemolytic brain syndrome, including kidney failure. Until now deaths have not been reported.

The diseases began between October 8 and October 31, the Monterrey County, California, or the Roman lettuce gathered in the surrounding region.

CDC has indicated that the Canadian Public Health Agency also identified 18 patients, the E. coli O157: H7 bacterial DNA fingerprint identified in the Canadian province of Ontario and Quebec.

The CDC recommends that consumers in the country do not eat Romaine lettuce and sell them and sell them and stop them knowing more about the outbreak while doing research.

This trend was not linked to the last spring, because it had a source of water from a Yuma county channel and killed hundreds of 32 people and killed 5 people.

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