Wednesday , September 28 2022

Earthquakes patches & # 39; megaquake & # 39; Announces Christmas


Maverick Earthquake Researcher, who announced one of the worst earthquakes in the world, studying geometric positions in the sun, the moon and the planet

it has given a noticeable warning.

Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch who describes the "mystical false" of the "mystical lies", says that a strange cosmic event that takes place during the Christmas season could result in a 8 "measure" of the Richter scale.

"A very critical planetary configuration on December 21, 2018 is likely to launch a major earthquake between 21 and 25 December 2018." Mr Hoogerbeets wrote on his famous Ditrianum website.

"The current estimate is between 7 and 8 high magnitudes, which is a great warning because many people around the world are already planning their Christmas holidays."

Mr. Hoogerbeets credited himself with forecasting some of the world's greatest earthquakes and warned the earth that it would be great during the first week of December.


Devotees say the announcement manifests itself – a couple of days beforehand – noted the massive and widespread form and structural damage that occurred on the earthquake in Alaska on November 30.

Mr Hoogerbeets said the event and an earthquake in Indonesia as a result of a gravitational outcome caused by Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars, due to "seismic disruption", until December 21.

The seismologist exaggerates his misleading and non-scientific work, arguing that there is no such method to predict earthquakes.

The YouTube video on the current cosmic event has more than 10,000 times.

Mr Hoogerbeets's Ditrianum Facebook page & # 39; The magazine, which regulates the "quake watch" updates, has been well known in the last few months, bringing together around 20,000 members.

Ditrianum is a non-profit organization based on the "electromagnetic disturbance caused by planetary geometrical scene scenes."

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