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Eating animal crackers brings health benefits

Scientists Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) They learned that the famous pets consume the benefits of health.

As long as you do so, some nutrients of some ingredients help rejuvenate your skin and strengthen your bones.

Cooks have helped us in childhood and now we know that carbohydrates serve as a source of energy.

If you consume 24 pieces, there will be 113 calories according to a study published in the Mexican media talk.

These cleansing parts prevent anemia because they are iron content that carries oxygen through the blood and improves the organisms that produce hemoglobin.

The other component is magnesium, which also helps to improve the muscular level Vitamin D. Those who prevent osteoporosis.

Your contribution Vitamin C. It turns the elixir of young people, the iron absorption helps in the body and gets the skin young.

But remember that the consumption of these cookies must be moderate, fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts must be combined if our body helps with a healthy diet.

In addition, if these contributions are exercised.


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