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Eating your newborn earrings with your dangers: your doctor


Some parents think it baby poses newborn earringsIt's better, she'll forget her grief American Academy of Pediatrics He said the practice was that the baby was very dangerous.

According to experts, Newborn babies piercing the ears The risk of infections and injuries can be increased.

Dangers for baby earrings

In many cultures it is common to dig into the ears of the newborns, however, confirmation by the pediatricians is dangerous because of this practice for the following reasons:

1. It can swallow the baby into the ear

It seems impossible, but pediatricians are more common than we think.

The earrings are small pieces of metal, because the baby can be very dangerous, without catching the clothes and entering the baby's mouth.

The consequences may be very serious, such as esophagus lesions and other complications.

2. Infections

Egg earrings in newborns are a mistake, even if it is days or days of birth, it was not administered before birth. tetanus vaccine.

This is a serious bacterial infection, mainly due to deep wounds. It causes painful muscle spasms and can cause death.

In general, the vaccine does not apply until two months, so the baby taps a label in the ear to increase the risk of a disease.

3. Allergies

As soon as the baby is born, we probably do not know what allergies might have, so if we reveal the allergic reaction of the earrings, infection in the ear lobule.

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4. The rupture of the lobe

The earrings of the rings or rings are very dangerous for the child, while they are easy to connect to the hook and can cause tears in the ear.

5. Keloids

When queleoid is produced after an injury, in this case, the perforation of the ear, there is a large body reaction.

Having dug in a hole, the body sees it as a trauma and it will try to cure it, forming the formation of the tissues created around the zelo.

In most cases surgery is necessary to eliminate them.

How to avoid complications?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that girls avoid and take more risks.

It is recommended that you only use them gold earrings to prevent infections and sterilize equipment where appropriate.

It is not recommended to use drill devices because it can not be sterilized and there is a risk that the girl has an infection. In more severe cases, hepatitis may be developed.

You know, before placing your baby's earrings, consult an expert and it is better to wait until it's bigger.

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