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Eclipse and nightlife, an essential event


For lovers of heavenly phenomena, the first minute of the 21st of January, there will be a second moon eclipse of 2019. Many enjoy the wonders of the astronomers and, therefore, they offer several Córdoba destinations for various activities. Phenomenon.

Night trip

It is the case of Villa Yacanto de Calamuchita, which invites you to a nightlife, with little difficulty, through the mountain, until it reaches clear contamination. In it, will give a lecture about Omar Curcio, Astro Tourism and photography guide, constellations, planet and eclipse and everything related to the Moon.

As described in the website, they will be reception and live music. In it, under the auspices of the exploratory Fox, they will have a "telescope and astronomers binocular in general, and specifically to observe the lunar eclipses."

The registered will be in the town square on the 22nd, where the nighttime route around 4 hours will begin and the cost of $ 800 (less than 10 years free).

A picture of Yacanto night comes out. (

About Eclipse

On Monday it will start at 0.40 and it will be a brightness of 02.12. The phenomenon will be visible in Western Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

A lunar eclipse occurs when it connects between the sun and the satellite.

Next to organize

Sort out what you can see from your home.

In July, the full eclipse of the Sun and the lunar partial eclipse will be.

The sun will be visible on July 2 from South Pacific and South America. Starting at 16.55 UTC from the Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia. At the end of the eclipse, it will happen at 21.50 UTC in the south-eastern part of San Pablo de Lípezu, in the department of Potosin (Bolivia). The entire duration of the phenomenon will be at least 5 hours.

In its entirety, Rodeo and Jachal (San Juan), San Juan Grande, Chepes (La Rioja), Merlo (San Luis), Villa Dolores, Cuarto Río, Gral Deheza, Gral Cabrera and La Carlota (Córdoba), Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe) Junín and Rojas (Buenos Aires). The entire eclipse ends at 20:43 UTC to the southeast of Chacomús city. The total duration of the phenomenon will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The lunar partial eclipse will be on July 16 and 17. It can be seen in South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe. The Lunar Penumbra phenomenon will be at the beginning of the 16th at 18:44 UTC. The partial eclipse starts at 20.02 UTC, reaching 21.31 UTC and reaching 22.59 UTC. Ends at 17 in 0.17 UTC.

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